Having a baby has a huge impact on your body. Not many people know how to provide proper self-care postpartum, it can easily be lost in the busy new world of having a baby. How many new parents actually take care of their whole self with massage, energy work, lactation support, mindfulness practices, or yoga...?

Receiving body work is a vital part of your health and allows you to receive support and be witnessed as you pass through all the phases of the childbearing cycle, and along your parenting journey. Self-care practices are one way to develop your own rituals, tools, and skills for your journey into parenthood.  It’s more than good for your body, it’s nourishing for your spirit and soul.


You can keep your body aligned and moving smoothly through your childbearing year with body balancing and massage. Integrative Bodywork combines breath and emotional release to unlock tension and open energy channels.

120 min session $250
90 min session $220
60 minute session $175
Travel fee outside a 20 mile radius $50

Breech/Body Balancing

Breech Balancing helps create space in the body for you and your baby and can encourage optimal positioning for your baby which can greatly impact your birth outcome.

90 minute session $175

Lactation support

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the greatest health benefits you can offer yourself and your child. And lactation support is one of the most needed services in your postpartum journey. you can offer yourself.

Lactation support and education can include preparing for breastfeeding before your baby is born, as well as in-person or virtual support after your baby is born. Whether you need information on how a newborn baby feeds, exploring all the breastfeeding positions, help to get a good latch, or suggestions to deal with sore nipples, one-on-one support from a lactation professional will improve your breastfeeding experience.

In-person one hour $150
Virtual one hour $110

Cesarean Scar Remediation

Cesarean scar tissue remediation includes a 30-minute womb massage and a 25-minute warm compress over an infusion compress of castor and borage oil to address any desensitization, scar tissue, and or adhesion formation. I will also share massage techniques to continue treatment on your own as well. One or more sessions may be needed.

$125 / session


Yoga is an ancient practice that involves a connection of breath, movement, and spirituality. The fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind, and environment. Yoga can help you:

  • Improve flexibility and strength as your body changes during and after pregnancy and birth
  • Connection to the Self
  • Stand up straighter - many poses in yoga can strengthen the core muscles in your stomach and back, which get quite strained during pregnancy
  • Ease stress and anxiety levels
  • Reduce low back pain

I am a certified yogi that shares Ayurvedic medicine. I have close to 700 hours of yoga training with specializations in children, adults, and prenatal yoga.

45 minute session $150
60 minute session $175
90 minute session $200
Travel Fee (outside a 20 mile radius): $50
Sliding scale offered to families experiencing financial hardship.